I need opinions about this...

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I am completing my own custom OBD2 > OBD1 conversion harness. This is my daily driver. I have checked, rechecked and triple checked things, but of course I am still concerned. If something is wired wrong, what the worse that can happen? I mean I am thinking the ecu will be fried which I can live with, but I don't want to like short out my whole car or something. What do you guys think would likely happen if something is wired wrong? Which connections should I check yet again to prevent catastrophe from striking?

Worst case: Your car burns the the fucking ground.
Bad case: Fry the distributer and/or ECU
umm.. less bad case: Throw some check engine lights, re-wire some stuff.
Best case: works just fine.

nope, that wasn't very helpful, was it?


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lol, buts its the truth.

i doubt you'll burn it down... thats what fuses are for.

so, i'd say most liekly worse case, you pop a couple fuses/relays or throw lights.

but there is still a chance...
Originally posted by phyregod@Aug 2 2005, 05:38 PM
Worst case: Your car burns the the fucking ground.

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not helpfull but funny as chit