I Need Some Answers

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Damn im in a jam,

Im stuck between geting eather a Nissan 240sx with the Sr20 swap or a civic with a B18C1 gsr
I like the 240 cause its RwD(which means drifting fun :p ), but its Turbo so when i get the swap i would need to buy a downpipe and such.

I know this is a Honda Sight but be truthful which should i get?


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Personally I'd get the Nissan

or I'd get a 'jazzed up' civic HB that came equipt w/ power windows, power steering, and power door locks then swap the motor out.


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I would go with the civic hella cheaper and easier to find parts for the b18c as compared to the sr20


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yes with the Ebrake, but its gay. You can do it easily on dirt, but on pavement your just asking to destroy your car.

I still say you just just buy any ol fucking car and put the engine in your profile in it. you would h4ul a$$.


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My friend had a 240, those cars are fun as hell to drive...i recommend the 240, but if i were you i'd turbo the KA engine. People are always like, "The ka is just a truck engine, all it has is low end torque, it's GHEY" but isnt low end torque what you need for drifting? The sr20 swap seemed silly to me...oh well, people argue about this enough on 240sx.org. After driving a rwd or awd car it just seems silly to drive fwd (okay silly unless you own a sol :D read the post in "racing and driving techniques" about micah mad drift action y0!)

Peace nilgah