I Need To Swap

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I was wondering if anyone knows what the best swaps are for an 90 acura integra RS w/5spd, i need a hassel free way to get this thing running, preferably with more power. any help would be great.


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I have the exact same car. If you want a badass motor then go B20 vtec. But you have to find someone that will do it for you for cheap. Once the motor is built it will fit right in. But if you just want more power than stock this is a setup that I thought long about. It will be a very good base setup. Buy a B18b motor for 700 dollars from hmotorsonline, go to your local junkyard and get a b16a trany(make sure its the b16 cable tranny) This will give you 15 more hp and 6 more trq. and you will have the short gearing of a civic si. This should let you run 15.5's i'm guessing, maybe quicker. All this is very very easy to do. iIt requires no modifications at all. Hope this helps.