I own a 2006 honda accord 3.0 v6 and i need some help

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New Member
I own a ( 2006 Honda Accord 3.0 V6 ) my car currently has 244Hp .

I want to tuned it and get it higher then that , the problem is i cant find any tuner parts for it .

Pls help me .

What can i tuned on that car to get more speed and Hp .

Thanks in advance guy's .
Thanks but i know that already .

I already installed a ( AEM Cold Air Intake ) .

The problem is that i cant find any headers or turbo or anything else for the 3.0 v6 2006 model .

If u know where i could any of these things that would be great .
here this company is making a full set of headers for the 06 due out in about 2 weeks 732-290-7800