I think I found my next car


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I was browsing AutoTrader as I do every day and I found a '92teg Ls.

Guy says it has no probs., no rust, leather int., new exhaust, distributor along with

other misc. items for $2500obo. Does this sound like a good price for the car? Just

tryin 2 get some opinions cuz im new to buyin cars(only 16). Thanks for your



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G2's are good cars, sometimes i miss mine (especially when i want to transport more than one passenger). The most important thing though is to either do a thorough inspection yourself (compression test, look for bluish smoke, transmission grinding, also check for regular and upcoming necessary maintainance, etc) or take it to a good mechanic to have him give it a good once over. I know i thought i was getting a good deal with my 90 gs, but if i would have taken it to a mechanic i would have found out it was actually an overpriced ran into the dirt bucket of crap. good luck.


i say go for it as long as its in good shape. also, check on g2ic.com if you are looking for a G2 (90-93) Integra. g2ic.com is a site dedicated to the 90-93 Integras with lots of knowledgeable people. good luck :)


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That sounds like a pretty straight deal to me. Also, the fact that it's a '92 is really nice because OBD1 > OBD0 for tuning.