i think i've been screwed


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k, bought the intake for $40 shipped on ebay last week and got it today.

well, it doesn't say dc sports on it, just a kinda crappy DC vinyl logo.

is there any chance dc made intakes in this style before the Direct Air Charger series?

if it's not real, no big deal. it's still a comparitive price with the other cheap intakes on ebay, but this one came with a very nice filter.

and it does it's job by making the engine sound better. the butt dyno says i gained .5 hp.


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it has a dc sports sticker on there. it prolly didnt have the simialr to quote
because it has the dc sport logo near the filter.


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dc sports were always the DAC system. they are no more since aem bought them. anything aem made, that dc made, dc dosent make now.
and o btw that dc sports sticker came with their shift knobs....got the same one.


when i had my 97 Civic, i put a DC Sports DAC intake on it. on the tube, there was a raised rectangle section that said DC Sports and in red letters below it, it said DAC. alos mine was chrome and yours looks like a flat silver. that intake looks like an off-brand but if it does the job and you are content with how it performs, then :thumbsup:


heres what a DC Sports DAC intake looks like it:

thats what mine looked like.


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Originally posted by Prowler@Apr 8 2004, 10:09 PM
and it does it's job by making the engine sound better. the butt dyno says i gained .5 hp.

I don't think the point of a DAC, CAI, SRI, etc. is to make the car sound better, ricer. :lol:

But seriously...I don't think it's a DC Sports, mainly because you paid 40 bucks for it on ebay. It does the same thing as any SRI--nothing at all. SRI is the biggest waste of space in your engine bay ever.