I want a auto swap.......

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ok, i guess im one of the few people in the world that cant stand driving a standard. i hate it, to me its aggrevating. so my question is, i have a 97ex, i want to a motor swap, the vic is a auto right now, so what do i look for when looking at motors an which to choose? please go easy on me , im a newbie to the whole import/civic scene, got the car for 500 so i couldnt pass it up. im not lookin to race anybody, but i want to have just a lil bit of get-up-an-go when i need it. probably add headers, some sort of quiet exhaust an intake. any help would be much appreciated guys. thanks..


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-Sigh- Please :readfaq:... But for help... you can swap any motor into any car, if you want some Go with the Slug Amatic, I would look into a B Series motor. They are a good start to building a Motor. They can be simple to install with the right mounts in such, normal websites have custom Mounts for the motor and year shell you have. As for an automatic swap into a standard... OUCH! Going to need wiring Harness - haven't a Clue, ECU - easy part , Motor and Trans- easy part, Shifter + linkage cable - Dunno?, Cluster - easy, axel shafts - easy part, Need to remove the clutch pedal and slave cylender - Easy part, along with the clutch Lines - easy part.... thats just a start my freind :).... Mite be something im missing! but other will fix it for you! GOOD LUCK!


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if you are looking for a good cheap upgrade then i would look into a LS motor (b18b). they come from integras and the auto trannies for them are cheap and easy to find since most people dont want them. if you want to go all out, then pick up a gsr engine and get a jdm gsr automatic trans.... this setup will cost significantly more though.