I want a D series swap z6...whatever

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I need a cheap D swap. I really don't care which D series but perfer a z6. Has to run good and preferablly not beaten on.

NY, NJ area is the best cause like I said I want it cheap.

I need the complete motor trans, linkage and axles and ECU.
come on, I know a lot of you still have your D laying around.

If someone wants to give it all up for >300 shipped I don't care where it comes from.

I need to make room for the Audi/new car.
I got an old D15 that came out of my friend CRX has tranny and ECU no clue lol...its in ok shape..but I live in Indiana so...
oh yea, I'd perfer it to be obd1 for the ease of swap. But I still have everything for an MPFI conversion so I should be able to work around it for the right price.

what about that y7, did you pull it out yet?
I have a D16z6 complete head (never taken apart just taken off the block) that come with intake manifold, exhaust manifold, valve cover, spark plug wires (old), etc. It is in really good condition. It has a timing belt that is one month old. Let me know
you can have my whole drivetrain from my SI. Z6 its got a DX tranny. pass. axle is broken. runs mint though. make me an offer im in CT but i can meet you within a reasonable distance.