I Want A Zc Dohc Obd1 In My 96 Civic! Help

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Hey guys I am trying to get a hectic swap done to my 96 Civic DX and I am going around for my best options and I think I have narrowed it down,

I have found a OBD1 ZC DOHC engine, tranny and ecu for $700, so my question is how hard would it be to swap into my Civic, I would think it would just drop in right?? (since it is the same size as a B18A or B18B)

I know I would need to convert my car to OBD1 with a conversion harness, but that is about it right??
Cause I wont have to wire for VTEC , so I dont think it would be to tideous, and reason why I am considering this motor is because I would like to Turbocharge it and the compression is low on these engines,

Any help or input would be most appreciated , thanks


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why would you do that? you could put a sohc vtec in there for the same price or less and have less problems getting it to work and about the same hp. why do you think nobody to my knowledge has that setup.
Well the reason why is cause I can get the ecu, tranny and engine for only $625 and I figured that would be a good engine to turbocharge and I would not have to wire it for VTEC. but I would have 140hp off the bat build the head some (retainers, oversized valves, dual valve springs, port and polish, cams) spend about $600 doing that and have a great engine to run about 12-15psi on. I think it would be a good setup,

dont you think , all the head work should at least get me to 160hp without turbo , less than a B16A swap in cost.

Any replies would be appreciated thanks guys

Oh and it is a OBD1 , not a OBDO


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ZC are D series,but I wouldn't waste your time wiring it into a 96.It will leave you kicking yourself in the ass.


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If u have a 96, first off it is obd2 and the wiring is different and its a waste of time for a zc in that car. ls would be better.


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i disagree with these guys (not to hate or anything ,just my opinion) but i think you should go for it, its your car and i think a built ZC with turbo would be pretty quick its actually funny im putting a ZC into my crx within a week im going to pick up my motor today ,cant wait well lemme know how your swap goes and yes the only REAL thing i think you will need is the wiring harness conversion and i heard they run up to about 300 or so but anyways talk to ya later -peace guys


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get a d16y8 head and slap it on your current block, you will be much happier...