I Want More Horse Power

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i have a gsr with an apexi n1 catback system a aem cold air intaKE aem cam gears skunk2 intake manifold amd cam shafts i was woundering what else should i do i want to do turbo or supercharger but dont know what to do and which one to do and what brand. it for street racing and i want to know what other parts to get and what brand
before asking this question you need to tell us

1. how much money are you working with?
2. how much power do you want?
http://www.ks-motorsports.com/index.php?si..._customTurboKit ... that will get you 300 hp easily, and you should swap out your aftermarket cams for some crower turbo cams ( http://www.crower.com/ ) as the ones you have are most likely designed for all motor applications.

or if you have the $$$ and want crazy power.... http://www.fullrace.com/ their kit made 586 hp on a very lightly built gsr, only internal mods were low comp. pistons & rods. check out http://www.fullrace.com/geoff/ for pics.