I want my block clean!

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ok... my block is dirty as sin. i've cleaned it with degreaser-- but its still a mess...

i want it to look like this:

what is it called to get it dipped or what?
degreaser wont get it like that. You need to use electro......something. I forget the name. A guy just told me to use it on my block but I forget exactly what its called! I will find out in the morning when he gets here to work!
uhh.. right. ball dipping... who cares.

where can i get it done and about how much?
damn, thats a clean ass block, although you won't see it much when you drop it in...
i got mine cleaned by using "purple power", its a REAL degreaser. the crap that comes in a spray can is poop. all that shit does is make you nautious from the fumes. the purple power, some brushes, and rags to dry it with were all it took...and some patience and bruised knuckles :) note: i thought my block was bare aluminum, but its not, its just silver powder coated or paint or something...but im sure you already knew that :) ...and uh that purple power stuff is only $4 a gallon! its alot like simple green on steriods :) the trick is to dry the sucker before water spots have a chance to appear...and ALWAYS wash the engine when its COLD.

you can get it at wal-mart (white trash central-lol)
lol@simple green on steriods. I'm gonna use that shit then for some parts i got. I love simple green and i love walmart, i get all my performance parts there lol j/k.
heres another tip: get a long stick and tape a toothbrush or a straight brush to the end of it for getting the gunk out from impossible to reach places.

one more tip: to make a good engine detail brush, get a run-of-the-mill round brush made for painting, and cut the bristles down to about half. that will have nice stiff bristles able to clean the tightest spots.\

lol i love wal-mart too!!
use a toilet brush it works well...make sure it is new :) , i have one that i use on my bikes and my car for degreasing.
If you are getting sleeves installed they will probably hot tank it anyways before and after they machine it to remove any grease or cutting fluids. I suggest painting the block at that time, whether it is with clear coat or colour.