I want the new M5

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Very nice car, not quite as ugly in person as it appears to me in pictures. BMW does now how to make a car, that's for sure.
Yeah, nice numbers, but every time you break the damned thing it costs $600 or more. Window fucked up? $600.. Seat motor fried? $600... And way too many sensors. They have sensors on your tail lights to tell you when they go out! I've had two friends with BMWs. NICE cars, but they break ALOT.
i think it looks good. and the newer bmw's dont break if you maintain them and take care of them. Friends father has an 04 m3, nothing broken yet.


i know a few people with BMWs... none of them has had any more problems than any of my other friends with other cars... yeah the parts and labor are more expensive when stuff does need to be fixed / replaced... but its not putting them in the poor house by any means


I actually like the current 5 series... way better than the 3 that just came out.


If you read farther down in the thread, there's information there that puts the power output closer to 450whp.


Originally posted by 2000Si@Aug 2 2005, 09:58 PM
Dayum... that's higher than what he gives most girls.
:lol: That's what I was thinking...
I don't really care for the looks too much, but damn is that thing beastly.