I WILL trade my rims and tires for ANYONES almost

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I have these 15 inch rims that came on my car when i got it and it dont like them
They are in great condtion. No curb marks, no bent rims. They come with 185 60 15 tires, 2 of the tires have inside wear, and 2 of them are in great condtion. They are lightweight, but dont know what brand they are. I whould trade for just about anything except stock steelies lol,
ill trade for
Civic si's
Tegra Webs
Tegra fat 5
any aftermarket as long as its not tri stars lol
heres a pic of them

Here is a couple more pics


PM me, im lookin for a straight trade, i pay shipping on mine, and u pay shipping on yours, show me what u gots
i will trade these for your wheels and something more. there is a small bit of curb rash on one of the wheels but it is still straight. one other one in missing its MR7 badge. 17" motegi MR7 w/ dunlop 245/45/17 w10 rubber.