I wish I can make a car run on Pepsi...

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Rest In Peace
$0.50 for 2 liters...
$0.25 per liter...

Local stop and shop sale...all this week...

to bad Pepsi cant be flamable :angry:
It's mainly my brother. I usually just enjoy a glass/can/bottle with dinner and usually another one at some point in the evening. My brother drinks the shit like it's water though. By himself he'll go through a 2-liter a day if you let him.
By himself he'll go through a 2-liter a day if you let him.

if you let him?? :blink:

let him out of the cage y0...

20 liters is only 5 bottles a piece over a week and a half which is about 10 days

so a liter a day doesn;t seem too drastic... but i don;t drink soda very much so i guess i shouldn;t talk

i should calculate my alcohol consumption on a liter per week basis, i might be shocked
i used to drink soda like it's water. I used to drink a 12 pack a day when I was 10. When I started getting cavities, I cut down on my "caffiene rush". Now I drink maybe one can a day.

But they need some shit like that down here. I'd buy it.
Pepsi for us AT COST is over $1.00 for a 2 liter. However it cost us $0.14 for 12oz of fountain soda. :p

When stores put 2 liters on sale for that cheap there's always something else they're hoping you buy into.

The MC-E-Ds here in maryland are now renting new DVDs for $1.00
They wont make much money off the DVD sales, however when you go to pick up the DVD you have to walk past the front counter and at that time youll say, damn I want a big mack. Then later on when you return it that milk shake is looking darn good.

next thing you know that $1.00 DVD turns into 5 bucks worth of crap food.
not this again :unsure:
I drink at LEAST 60oz of soda per day.
1 12 oz can of coke/pepsi for breakfast if available. :)
1 20 oz coke for 'work rush'. :)
1 20 oz cherry coke for lunch. :huh:
1 20 oz coke for after work. :(
2-3 12 oz cans for sitting up all night on HondaSwap.com if available. :unsure:
Wow, now that i think of it, that's horrible. :eek:
I also drink 4 32oz cups of water minimum daily. B)
(142 lbs of fury)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 24 2005, 09:33 PM
coke > pepsi

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I have moral objections to drinking Coke: Coca Karma

I implore Coke drinkers to read just the summary on that page, it's not THAT long.