Iac Valve

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ok i just finished my mini-me setup and tried starting it today, i hooked up all the hoses how i thought they went and here my dumbass had the IAC valve hose hooked up under the TB and a coolant line hooked up to that. i went to start it and i had coolant running out of the IAC valve. can n e one tell me where the hell the hoses go on the IAC valve on D16Z6 intake manifold plus im also throwing a code 10 (IAC). i have hoses goin here and there and there is no nipples on the back of the manifold for the hoses on the IAC to hook up to PLEASE HELP!!!!! won't start..... thanks sorry for the long post


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Note: I am not sure if the D series IAC hooks up the same way a B series does.

Anyway, for a B series one line runs to the nipple on the bottom of the TB and the other runs to the back of the engine as shown here:

Notice the coolant line running from the IAC to the coolant passage on the back of the engine.


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ok im pretty sure thats how they hook up D and B series so coolant does go through there..ahhhh ok i was forgettin the one to the back of the block ok thanks alot that is probly y my damn car won't start i appreciate it.