Ideal Engine Management System?

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So, just wanna bounce some ideas off of the general public about what they feel would be the perfect engine management system. This includes sensors and actuators.

My senior project (next year) for my electronic major is to build a computer and program it. So i though, why not make a ecu that is a little more versatile than money can buy. It will be implemented on my B20

Here is my list so far for sensors:
O2 sensors per cylinder
Intake air temp
Manifold absolute pressure
throttle position sensor
Knock sensor
Coolant temp
oil pressure
crank speed sensor
cam position sensor

For the outputs
fuel injectors
coil over plugs
idle air control
v-tec (i have the b18 head on)

If you have any other sensors or things that need to be controlled feel free to add.


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emissions is not a concern with a track car :D

For right now all the interior will just be read outs on the my computer ill integrate it later


I think you're in way over your head and while it sounds cool, I don't think you full understand the scope of your own project. It's not about hooking up some sensors and writing a switch statement for case(sensor){}... getting a motor to just run is a delicate balance of reading, interpreting, and real-time adjusting. the AI and algorithms involved are well above and beyond electrical work... it's hard code machine binary and hexadecimal coding with C. Do you even know C?

If you make a mistake, the car won't run.
Or worse, it blows up.

There's software like crome that had easily 5000 man hours into developing. And that used the STOCK Honda computer to interface with.

I appreciate your ambition, but if it comes to demo day and your car blew up and doesn't run, you'll still get an F even if you spent your whole year on it.

Scale back and attempt something that actually can be done in a reasonable time frame that doesn't have outside factors like blowing up your multi-thousand dollar motor.
blow up a $5 radio shack board instead.