Ideal Turbo Kit

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Can someone point me in the right direction!
I'm piecing together a turbo kit and I have been watching them on ebay for a while now. I would like a turbo with the specs for an F-Max kit, or close to these specs.

Are these specs close to the F-max turbo kit for my car?
63 A/R turbine housing (for quick spool up)
60 A/R compressor housing (for high flow).
50 trim compressor side with a 57 trim wheel mated to a .63 A/R t3 turbine .The turbo is designed to spool up very rapidly at 3000 rpms

If this is now what I am looking for, can someone please give me the specs I should be looking for.

My car is a 92 Civic wi/ JSPEC B16A.



sounds good for 8-13 pounds.
check out, they have a custom kit at a great price with great parts.

fmax's style of fuel management blows ass. adding extra injector before the throttle body- i just don't get it.