Idle Is At 2100rpm

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I have a b16a in a 92 civic vx. The ecu is a p28 chipped with a Skunk 2 chip. Do u think because of the reprogram on the ecu that it could effect the idle? or can i turn the idle down somehow?
i'm not positive but there should be an idle adjustment screw on the top of the throttle body. it will be a flathead screw which will probaly have like a gray glue type stuff on it. usually you have to dig the gray junk out of the screw head to be able to get the screwdriver in it. turning the screw clockwise should turn the idle down. i had the same problem with my b16a in my 91 crx si last night. it cranked up an revved at like 2800 until it warmed up then idled at about 1500. your car should idle between 600 and 800. just turn the screw till you get it where you want it. hope this helps. B)
Make sure your car is warmed up first,as when the idle drops it could kill it.
thanks for picking up my slack 92b16vx. i didn't think to tell him that :worthy:
Originally posted by Pstevens@Feb 6 2003, 11:31 PM
check to see if you got a vacum leak. this would cause it to idle high

This is very true too,mine has plugged vacuum fittings,but before it would idle high and when I plugged them it dropped,a lot.
I just went out to turn the idle screw in and nothing happened. The throttle body plate is closed so i know my cable isn't to tight.
You said u have vacum plugs, can u tell me where u placed them and what u use to plug them? :D
You need your map sensor,but other than that you can plug the others,it isn't good for emmissions and will smell like gas,you can go to a automotive store and see if they sell vacuum plugs or get really ghetto and use pencil erasers.leave the blowby (runs from your valve cover to intake tube,unless you have a filter for it.I'd just find the leak and fix it,mine's all fuked because I had some issues with them.When I get back home they are getting fixed.
yes, you have a vacuum leak somewhere on the intake manifold, check all your rubber hoses for cracks, and make sure they're secure.