idle problem plz help!

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Ive recently had my head gasket done due to leaking valve seals, and timing belt kit, water pump done also.
I correctly torqued the cylinder head down and in right sequence. The timing marks also line up.
I can get it stated first time every time, it idle's normal but min later it misfires and backfires at the exhaust.
When i driven its fine but stop at a junction the revs will drop so much that it nearly stalls. I know the distrutor is adjustable would this cause it if it was incorrect.
My car is 1994 honda civic esi sohc VTEC (eng code: D16Z6)
If anyone can help me out that be great
You could try ajsting your Dizzy yes, this mite fix it, also you Idel Speed sensor mite have decided to die on you, happens alot in hondas... it normaly can be cleaned with some rubbing achol and q tips. Located at the entrance of ya manifold