Idle Probs After Swap

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Junior Member
I just swapped a D16 DOHC into my 90 CRX DX (formerly D15 SOHC). All the directions i found online said nothing about re-routing vacuum lines or replacing the MAP sensor/ Solenoid Cluster with the one from the D16 so i just left the original MAP sensor and solenoid valve. However, the engine does not idle. If i disconnect the Map sensor, the engine will run if i open the throttle. Otherwise, the engine quits immediately.

Anyone else done this swap? How did you route the vacuum hoses? Did you use the D16's MAP cluster?
Or, Does it have nothing to do with the swap, and i'm stupid and forgot something?

Any ideas/help is appreciated.


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pills_PMD, It really is a D16. I know how uncool that is, but i did it anyway.

Being a big boy, I solved the problem myself. I replaced the stock MAP sensor with the transplant motor's MAP sensor. I don't know if the stock one was bad, or if the new ECU needed the new MAP sensor, but now it idles fine.


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Didnt see he was swapping into a 90 rex, my bad