IE doesnt work

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ok so my IE doesnt work for some unknown reason. B dont give your "IE sucks anyway" excuse. while i agree, its besides the point because i need to use IE for school purposes and the website doesnt work with firefox.

so firefox works fine. but when i try to open a page, any page, it says server cannot be found. so i try to update IE, oh but you cant do that unless you are USING IE, fuck you microsoft.

running windows 2000
IE 6.0.2800.1106 SP1

any ideas? if you need more info, ask specifically what you need cause i dont know what else to say.
yay it works now. seems to be that the problem was it was setup for a proxy server?

i just turned it off and it works now. what is a proxy server and what does it do?
and B, more specifically its not the website that doesnt work with firefox, its the plug-in that i need to use. its some stupid music player to listen to music through the site for my music class.

but now this is really pissing me off. i now have IE working on both my laptop and my PC. and the music player works fine on my laptop. but i get an error when trying to play the music on my PC. its saying that the server isnt reponding or something. now i got this same error with my laptop before i changed the port settings on my router. after i had the right port forwarding, the player worked fine on my laptop, but still doesnt work on my PC.

the only reason i just dont use it on my laptop is because the sound is too soft and you cant hear shit even with the sound on the laptop and in the player is turned all the way up. but on my PC i have speakers hooked up so i can make it as loud as i want.