If You Had 35k

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If you had 30k laying around (dont ask lol) i dont but if you did, would you go for the 93 Toyota Supra TT, or a 2002 Honda S2000 with a Turbo kit, i know this is a honda fan forum and everything but im wanting an all out supercar... well thanks for your replys... if you have anything else you would spend it on please post


my '67 cobra - ford 460 crate with a nice t66 turbo ;)

18oo lbs, full carbon fibre body, 900whp

done :ph34r:


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my friend went the supra route. he bought a 94tt. his car came with hks three disk clutch(goodup to 1000hp), hks turbo timer, hks drager exhaust, hks ssq bov, hks hard pipe intercooler kit and a hks intake. he paid 23,500 for the car. so far he bought a a tanabe down pipe( that takes place of the cats), 98 supra tail lights, eibach spring, kyb agx's, 19 inch VOLK GTC's with toyo t1s tires.


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If I had 35k, i'd buy a 92 or 93 civic Si, B18C1, TODA 2.0 stroker, TODA valvetrain, port and polished, 5 angle valve job, hondata, Apex W/S exhaust, ITR header, ITR intake manifold, exedy single plate cerametallic clutch, championship white w/ bronze TE-37's, Falken Azenis, tein Type Flex w/edfc, VAFC, spoon c/f front lip and rear duckbill. Yea baby.


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Well if you ever just get 35K, obviously you should just invest it now, then you wouldn't have to worry about retirement. But if it had to be cars, then yeah, I'd put that towards an STi. However, in the true spirit of hondaswap, assuming I stayed with the 96 Hatchback...

B18C1, sleeved
9:1 Arias pistons
Crower rods
Complete head work (valves, springs, retainers, cams, port and polish)
coolers for every fluid
Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing turbo (I'm not even gonna say a size for fear of starting the next gsr/t)
Quaife LSD
JUN flywheel
ACT Stage 3 clutch
AEM Standalone with boost control
Hours of professional tuning
New paint (metallic gunmetal)
Volk GT-Ns in gunmetal
Tein Flex
Tein EFDC (compatible?)
Completely new interior (new black carpet, black roof upolstry, Intergra typeR front and rear seats)
Brembo 4pots in front, 2pots in the back
Type R lip front and rear
Thermal RD Turbo exhaust
Many sets of tires :p
Spend a couple grand on sound mods, no booming bass, just the best possible sound.

I don't even know if that would total 35K or not, or if I'm missing anything, but I couldn't see myself wanting much more than that for a Honda.


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i would put it towards a s2000. mainly b/c it handles really well. if not that i would get a ITR and hook it up.

2 litre EG

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i'd definitely get an RX-7... i already have a build up ready to go when i get some money together... i know exactly how much im gonna spend to get it at about 700+ RWHP and deliver it down the track with nice 9 sec ET B)

single turbo conversion of course :spin:


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of the two choices that you gave i would say the supra tt
if it was my choice i would take a trip to japan and go car shopping, either a skyline or a new itr, why not both while i am at it i plan on being a billionaire. lol


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my friend bought a 94 supra TT bpu 2 for 24k, now its a bpu 3 =)

given the choices i think i would get a supra, i love s2k's, but id rather have a removable hard top then a soft top.

i personally would buy about a 94 nsx-t, ive been pricing them for a while, you can get early 90's nsx's for 20-25k.

and if i couldnt ifnd one of those, then an EVO


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you can get a used NSX for super cheap at auto auctions, a guy here got his for 18k. i dunno what i would get, i would prolly get two cars, the SRT4 and drop a couple grand into it, run low 12s very streetably, and get a hachi roku with the supercharged mr2 engine in it and have fun with that... or an r33, of course.


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supra TT. those things are so light. They are pretty much a race car out of the box