If you had $8-10k...

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when i move (damn i just realized how soon that is) on the 26th, i'm gonna need a new car. my dad is gonna buy me a car. he told me to look for a car in the $8-9k range, but i'll try to push it to $10k or so. i think the oldest car i would get would be a 92-96 prelude, but even then i would want like a 94+. what car would you get? just for a daily. the project car comes later, hopefully a crx.


best daily driver on the planet = honda insight
00-02s are going for somewhere in the $8-10K area if you look around a little

its fun to drive
its faster than a SOHC civic
i personally like the look
its comfortable
it gets 55+ mpg no matter how you drive it (60+ is normal... and i have gotten as high as 73.2 over the course of the tank) there are people on insightcentral averaging over 90mpg regularly
and no one makes anything for it performance wise, so it wont turn into ANOTHER project car (although i am planning on adding a small turbo to mine :ph34r: )


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with the gas prices the way they are...and who knows what the near future will be...I double vote for the insight... ;)

But...also don't limit yourself to Honda's...

I always see a few hot Z's already built out there in the nevada area...sometimes as low as $5Ks...and use the rest of the money to build it the way you want it... :ph34r:


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a z for a dialy driver IMO is a bad idea.

race car, sure... daily, you can do better.

hard to say, really. your options are pretty much endless. you can score pretty much ANY car from 1990-1998 for under 10k (well, not exotics, but you know what i mean).

what do YOU want?

4 doors?
rwd? fwd? awd?
sports car?
luxury car?
hell, an suv/truck?
ok. let me narrow it down a little.

prefer a 2dr. 4dr maybe
fwd/rwd/awd doesnt matter
doesnt have to be honda.

would like a civic, dont want a z or an insight. i want something i can have fun in, mod up a little.
Ever looked into a jeep? Its nice to play on the other side of the spectrum every once in a while. Go off roading. go over that speed bump at more than .000002 miles an hour. Who gives a damn how deep that puddle is? not you!

The Grand Cherokee is a PIMP ride.. Leather, dual A/C, Rides like a caddy, but can go off road with good authority! Big enough interior to carry just about anything, including a girl, and your friend, and his girl, and all of your skiing equipent.. Or the resulting kids...

And you can tow stuff..

For 10k, that is where I would probably be going.

** Look into the Cherokees that can be had for 10k.. it'll surprise the hell out of you.


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97 s14

those in the 8-10k range..... and have the nice head lights, and hellow rb26 in a couple years when you want it :)
1990 celica gt hatch 5spd imo.......

ive seen accord coupe 6 speeds in the 12k range if u could squeeze on by that would be a sweat ride
That is one hell of a down payment on a used S-2000.. After that, you could probably get away with something like 200/mo payments.

Integra type r?
Impreza 2.5 RS or a auctioned WRX.... Modible and 4wd.

1988-1992 Nissan Silvia with a srdet20 swap...

Open up a 401k and max it out for 4 years......

Mutual fund with growth potential....