Ignition plugs

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Senior Member
Before I do the swap should I get my ignition plugs tested? And if there bad how much do they cost approx?? It's a 93 h22a v-tec


WRX Sellout
Just get new ones. Don't bother with platinum plugs, either. Get the NGK coppers, and replace them every 5,000-7,500 miles. They cost, like $2 a piece.


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wait. plugs, or plug wires? how the hell do you test a plug? I always just look at them/judge base don how they are firing.

if you are talking about the wires, call honda and ask them how much they are. Dont buy shitty ass wires from autozone or anything. OEM have been proven better by far.

just get stock replacement NGK plugs for your mototr if you are talking about that.yes, stay away vrom that iridium and platinum bullshit. waste of money and a good way to get pre-det.