ignition problems

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my car wont start. but i do get a little spark on all plugs so i going to change coil and igniter.

but can i just buy an external MSD coil and bypass the broken internal coil?

where can i find a low priced igniter for a TD44U & TD68U Integra GSR / 92-95 JDM B16A


Staff member
ignitors run about 75 bucks from autozone.
obd0 distribuitors are known for eating ignitors...

external coils EAT ignitors... they are way too strong for it IMO. you'll be replacing them once a month... i'd just run a stock one.
what? once a month? thats sounds werry strange. but as i understad is it that the external coil dont have same resistance (ohm). what about putting an aditional resistance to out balance the voltage??
okay. well i was thinking if an external coil fries the oem ignitor, why not reduce the voltage from the coil to the ignitor?