Ignition Set-up

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To the guys running monster LS/T's. What kind of ignition setup do you have?
i.e. what plugs? wires? controller?

I'm thinking MSD 6a, some vitek wires, and Denso IK27's. :)

stock honda ignition will hold 10k rpms and 500 horse motors with plenty of spark.
msd, et all are really a waste of money. theres no gain to be had.

plugs- ngk a couple degrees colder
wires- stock or ngk
controller? i'm not sure what you mean...
hondata, aem, power fc, and/or link are the only controllers besides a boost controller that you will ever find in my cars
Thanks for the schoolin'. B)

By controller i meant, uh, i guess you could call it a "box" like the msd 6a. Well that certainly saves me some moola if i just have to switch plugs. :)