ignition timing

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Ok engine is back together and running pretty good! Gotta set the timing. I have a timing gun but with hondas you you 3 cuts in the rotor. ( ! ! ! ) (! ) the middle is colored red and the one far to the right is white (TDC) When i set the timing am i matching up tdc with the pointer or just the middle cut on the rotor (red colored) With the pointer? Right now the left cut is in the pointer.

! -pointer mark to set timing
! ! ! ! (tdc)
R White

so am in advance or retarded right now? Sorry for bad description. also do I adjust the distrib while car is running? should i not worry about the vacume hoses? Service check connector jumper wire? Please help soon thaks!
actually now that the car is at operating temp the white TDC mark is exactly on the timing pointer mark. THats good right?
Not sure which engine you are trying to time but normally you need a jumper wire in the service connector (should say on a sticker under your hood). You can adjust the timing with the car running. I don't think I'd just grab the cap though!!!!! I am not responsible for people who are light up for Christmas in October!!!
get a manual to find out where that connnector is (if you haven't found it). i have a haynes manual for my 89 rex. unfortunately it doesnt say which mark you are supposed to line it up with. i found that my rex runs best when its set to the middle mark. the haynes will also tell you which way to turn the dist. in order to advance and retard.

when i am adjusting my timing, i first mark the dist. and adjacent metal with a pencil/marker to know where my starting point for adjustments is. then i start the engine (already at operating temp), loosen the 3 dist. bolts, re-tighten the top bolt a little to keep the dist. from moving... then i check the timing with the gun and adjust the dist. while shes still running. making that mark on the dist. really helps you see how far you are turning the bitch. usually only need to turn it about 2mm (1/16in) to get from one timing notch to the other.
Or you could do it the easy way, go to Sears and get a timing analyzer for $45 that has a little knob to adjust where you want ignition adv or delay set.
Warm up the car first to normal operating temp. Shut it off. Find the service wires and jumper the two. You can find out where those wires are from the label on the bottom side of the hood.

Match up the middle red line of the three cuts. That should be about 16deg. before TDC on your b18 (if it is a b18), someone shoot me if I'm wrong. That should do it for you.

You don't want to set it to the TDC mark, it'll make your motor hella retarded... haha, retarded.... sorry.
hey tb is that car still smoking? I got the timing straight car runs good but smokes like hell.
Nah, haven't gotten it tested yet. Been real busy. Lotsa O/T at work. =)

But dammit, I just received a letter in the mail informing me that my car has been seen emitting smoke. Damn narcs. I'll get the leak down sometime next week after I go down to Cali.

How's the oil consumption on your motor? Does it billow smoke out of the exhaust or is it just under medium/hard acceleration?
Originally posted by tb820@Oct 24 2002, 03:51 AM
But dammit, I just received a letter in the mail informing me that my car has been seen emitting smoke. Damn narcs. I'll get the leak down sometime next week after I go down to Cali.

Was it a ticket or a note from a neighbor? If it was from a cop u need to get this taken care of bro. If its from some plain ass joe then beat their ass for touching your ride!
Its burning oil about the same as it was before but i get smoke somethimes. Normally its only on hard acceleration. Its not smoking as much as it was last week but my car still never smoked like this before were i can actually see a cloud....lol People behind me get pissed when it happens. The smoke stinks really bad though.