Im an old timer

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I used to post here a lot, under my old name IDMaxGuy... dont know if any of you old farts remember me... but I was scrolling through some old pictures and found this...

So how is Hondaswap doin?


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Ya, I forgot the password to IDMaxGuy and I must have used a wierd email address back in 03' so... cant figure that out.

I got lots more of those pics from back in the day, Flag Day monthly's, the time where Brian was caught fondling himself etc etc.

I switched to the dark side and now have a DSM for my project(which is never ending) and a 01' 330i for my daily. I miss my old honda, best car I ever had :(
how do you like the 330? i was thinking about picking one up.
Its nice, the only thing I dont like about it is BMW service... $700 to change the rear brakes... ugh I'll do it myself. As far as working on them, its not too bad there are plenty of great sites out there that have information for the DIY.
Hey! I just got back around, ya its been a year or more since you asked.. haha

I have a 90 AWD Talon that doesnt really run right now, I'm still working with issues on DSMLink and the fact that a mouse or something chewed my wiring harness!

Here is a video of me getting it started for the first time in forever (video is about 6 months old) YouTube - Car Starting

I think I will be trading my bimmer for a Turbo Civic, I'll post pics! It will feel good to be back in the Honda world again, its been a few years. :)
welcome back.... again.
why would you trade a bmw for a civic?
Its hard to explain lol, I'm gettin sick of the BMW, the value on it has plunged, so I figure I'll get something with cheaper insurance and cheaper parts if it breaks.

I try to justify it in my head to something logical like "its cheaper insurance" or "Honda's dont break down" but I think the truth is, I just want a turbo civic and my freind is willing to trade :)
Welcome back homie.