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OEM 2000 Civic Si Springs & shocks... 20k miles
99-00 Civic Clear Headlights with Ion Lens
Crunch V-6004 amplifier 150x4
JL Audio XR Crossovers & woofers (No Tweeters)
Jensen CD Player (regular el cheapo from my neon)
Honda Resistor Box
Imitation CTR Shiftknob (GunMetal)
Best offer on everything will take it... Lowballers are welcome TO A POINT!!
uh, I wouldnt buy that shift knob, noah likes to do nasty things to them ;)

haha j/k

but I wouldnt pay more than 15 bucks for it :)
$15 shipped via paypal and ya got a deal...

And Steve... I only did freaky things to that shift knob you got from me... :p
got a picture of the headlights? I need 99-00 headlights but i don't know about the ion part
4x4 old school mode...

Current mode...