im dropping the car, need to upgrade suspensions


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hi, dis' my first post. hopefully i didn't post it in the wrong forum.....

got 4dr accord 00
will drop it 2 in" with eibach sportline
some peeps tell me i need to upgrade the suspension ( i know i also need a camber kit)...
but what do i really need? and which ones/brands are good for my car?
i know some will probably say koni yellows or AGX...anything other than those 2?
is the GR-2 good or okay for my car?



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For a 2" drop, you really on't need a camber kit, I wouldn't waste the money. Once you drop it, take it to an alignment shop, and make sure it's all good, especialy the toe (caster) that is what will wear down tires, and cause bad steering.

As far as shocks go, well there's a ton of choices. Those two are good, there are also Bilstein, Tokico, Tein, etc..I would look into something adjustable, so you can better match the ride from you springs, though getting a matched kit is always best.
I always tell people, if you just want to lower your car, just get coilovers. They are just as good as aftermarket springs, but they are adjustable springs. How can you go wrong?

If its not low enough, lower it some more. If its too low, raise it. Now tell me what regular drop springs can do that? :huh:

Don't know about shocks, never had to buy them. :shrug: