Im finally back and stuff

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Hey All!!

Life has been less than pleasurable over the last year so I have been taking more of a break from the community than I would have liked. But hey, getting out of college...moving to washington and looking for jobs will do that to ya. Plus there were a couple other fun little pieces of crap that happened to the Civic on the way.

Well rains a ton and especially in the winter. Well when I got here I know there would everyonce in a while be a little water in the car from a colorado waterfall hail storm. I chalked it up to window seal or the grommet in the right rear brakelight needing changed...nope. Rain everyday for 2 months and found out damn fast there was more than just a little hole somewhere on this car.

I knew this car was in a minor accident before I got it but never thought it was much more than new bumper. Negative. After getting an alignment the tech told me the frame was 2 DEGREES off. true and thats why it would go to the right slightly. Well come to find out that the roof seams are also tweaked and that was where the water was getting in....from the entire roof seam front to back. By then it was much too late. The ENTIRE car except the front two seats, roof, side panels for the front doors were covered in mold and rotting. So I had to gut the entire interior.... Everything, carpet, seats except the two fronts, side panels, belts, trunk liners everything. I have the pics on my website so Ill just link you to that....IT was crazy.

My personal pics are via the tabs

But there was a hidden benefit. No interior....and took some of the sound dampening material off, plus all the cash I found under the seats. Almost 25 bucks in change. So that is just a little recap of the year in the life of my civic.

Got a job out here for Washington Mutual bank and just typin for a living. But hell it allows me to get cheaper parts now that Im closer to Japan....too bad there is a import car premium. But im glad that all the little shits are going towards WRX's, Evo's and anything other than honda. So I'm feeling a lot happier knowing I wont have to deal with that mentality as much around me.

Well Glad to be back and hope to assist when and where I can.

PEace :D
OMG B....are you still trying to sell the same del sol from like a year ago or is that another one?