I'm Gettin A Special Edition Ls Integra

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What's the big deal with this 1993 LS "SE" Integra? I have a 1990 LS 4 Door 5 Speed Integra, whats the difference, besides the Leather, Alloys, and the Automatic it has? It's almost totalled, or well actually it is, the front end is fucked, radiator is gone, headlights smashed, hood, bumber everything is fucked, I'm paying $500 for basically the eninge and tranny with just over 76K. So tell me the difference between a reg. LS and a Special Edition LS Teg'. I was told it had a "Turbo, not a high performance one, but a turbo" does it?

The differences really dont matter I just want the engine B18A1 (tranny for a friend) for mine so I can park this pos Altima adn get back to loving driving again.!
You were lied to. The engine in the SE is absolutely no different than the engine in the LS. The differences are: SE has painted moldings, alloy wheels, and leather. It has an ABS option.
No need to get hostile, I was askign becuase I didnt know and wasnt pretending to know. So after I take te engine, tranny and whatever else I will have a bare shell to get rid off, any takers?
it's headlights Driver side and Passenger side are good, fenders both sides, doors hatch interior pieces, headliners, dash steerring collumn etc just front end damage. the bumber, hood, and the actual steel bumber are messed up. He hit a Blazer with a trailer hitch at about 20mph or so. Why do you ask?
Because I would have bought the stock front bumper cover if it was there.
the front bumber cover is in good condition, it has minor defects sucha s scratches. Howe much you willing to pay... need the fenders? Anything else off it all I'm taking is the headlights, engine and tranny, steering wheel and column and a few misc. parts, let me know what you need. If you havea good hood for the 2nd Gen TEg' I may trade you! Email me chris4583@hotmail.com