I'm going turbo

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I've always had the urge to go turbo but I have never thought I could afford it, until I found this..


What do you guys think. How much pressure can this put out?


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i'd say bout 44psi but if you got a smaller brown thing on the roller blade wheel shaft, then i would say about 64psi!!!!

I really hope that thing is a joke though


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yes... it would be pulley driven, which is a supercharger...

and i'd say at least 60psi depending on the pulley


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what. FI is FI right...

Actually I found that pic on one of the local boards I post on. Thought it was so funny I had to post it.


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It's a blow dryer with a air filter, a skateboard wheel, a peice of aluminum foil, some pipe clamps, and some sort of street cone or something.


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thats not a skateboard wheel, its a rollerblade wheel

edit: and i thought that was a blow dryer, but i was like "no, i cant be"


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Rest In Peace
:worthy: that is the biggest turbo i have ever seen.

is that the new t99 hybrid w/ electric cooling
no more oil or water cooled