I'm having a problem!!

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When I turn my car on it sounds fine. But then a few seconds later it starts choking. Sometimes it turns off... I start smelling gas and a weild sound (like a screw in my header hitting the piping) dont know what I such do.. :worthy:
I came back from a show in Englishtown. Parked it and the following weekend I went to take my car out and the sound started.. I just take my car out on the weekends. So its parked for 4 or 5 days.. Some people tell me to change the pressure regulator. To get the AEM one. .. I just want to make sure if thats what I have to change. :unsure:
FPR is possible-try that first, although i don't think an AEM one is required, it's your call.
If that doesnt work, try the charcoal canister, some CRX when i was working at autozone, kept on shutting off after starting and it smelled like gas too... no pinging tho-turned out to be the charcoal canister? just a thought.