Im mad


The Trisexual

My boss tells me to come into work early as hell today. I wake up late and he tells me to get here as fast as possible.

So I speed my way through NJ/NY...Weaseled my way out of a ticket. Now I'm here and he says "Nah, I don't need you".

I didn't do 90 mph to make it here in 30 minutes (it usually takes me 1-1.5 hrs) for absolutely nothing. This is complete bullshit.

But on the otherhand I did get a raise. $19.57/hr :D


The Trisexual
Data entry/deliveries/pick up items...Today he wanted me to pick up a bunch of shit in LI for the upcoming auction. I found out the time limit for the pick up was between 7AM and 4PM. He didn't get there till like 9AM anyway,so they jacked all the good shit he bought already

....oh shit

Ice cream truck.