I'm seeing smoke!

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New Member
Hi, everyone I am new here. I've got a 2000 Civic Si with a Greddy td-04 turbo charger. Here lately when I gas it smoke comes out my exhaust. The turbo itself is fine and there are no leaks anywhere. The turbo is getting oil, but is it possible that it is getting to much oil and is blowing it through causing the smoke?
The smoke is white, that should have told me that it was not oil...but earlier today i changed out my coolant and i spilled some, so i think that that is what it is. Plus the car wasnt smoking until after i changed the coolant and that spill occured, but if it doesnt stop within the next day i am gonna have it looked at....(fingers crossed)
yeah white means coolant is being burnt, blue is oil, and black/brown is running rich
could it be something to do with the turbo since it's only doing it when i gas it and the turbo hits about 5psi, i am a little worried about it. :(