I'm too fat, buy my $$$ jeans

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well, i spent a good amount of money on clothes that don't fit me...

Diesel jeans run tight... damn tight.

all 3 pairs are 38x32, but they feel like 36's... and thus, don't fit me. so if you're a 36 waist, or a 34 that likes it mad loose, these are probably for you.

these jeans are mad expensive-- and you can see the price tag on them. the Nobu's aren't cheap either...

the Nobu cargo khaki is the same way....

I never wore any of these... they are brand new. I had a 4th pair that i put on once, and the top button popped off like the second i tried to button them... lol, so those aren't for sale... and that show i know they run tight. expensive ass rags now.
but these other 3 are still tagged up and the jeans are in their orig. bags.

asking $75 paypalled/shipped for all 3 pairs.
$30 paypalled/shipped for a single pair.

not sure on the style of the khaki's... but the 2 jeans are:

Regulated, Comfort
Style: Kulter

Regulated RR55
Style: Krattl






i figured i'd put these up here before i go to ebay... worth a shot anyway :p
Originally posted by formby@Aug 24 2005, 09:33 AM
and when was the last time you got laid with those jeans on.....hm...
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Lol, Id be smart enough to take those off b4 hand, Its not worth stainin some 200 dollar pants. :lol:

Too bad Im too fat, or else id sport them.



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Originally posted by JDMPlaya@Aug 24 2005, 11:01 AM
where did you get these at? I'm skeptical because in some jeans i wear 36 and others I wear 38
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i got them online...

i'm a 38 jeans, 40 khaki.....

but these 38's feel like 36's to me. they are real tight. so chances are, you'd need a 38 in these... do you wear 38 khaki's too? if so, i think these will fit you
If only I could try them on I would buy them.. I just don't want to waste 75 dollars...Maybe I'll goto to my local nordstorm to try the same size on lol


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like all my other jeans are 38's...

levi's, old navy, abercrombie, gap, lee, etc, and i wear a 38 in all of these comfortably.

if you wear a 36 in all those brands, these in 38 should suit ya
B-- I might take them off your hands...let me get back to you in a bit. No for me ( hell I wear 34 dickies and those are big on me)..but my buddy was just sabout to do some clothes shopping and grab some deisels and those are about his size...I be right back!


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and ya know, these fit EXACTLY like dickies now that you mention it.

so if he wears a 38 in dickies, these will fit him.

cuz i take a 40 in dickies as well...