immobilizer Qu -> Ek with b18c

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I just got my car back after having it swapped for b18c4.

The problem is that i only have one key, its the orginal Ek4 key with a transponder in it.

I picked a p28 ecu to avoid the whole immobolizer problem, but the IMM system still works perfect. My new keys dont start the engine, if i remove the transponder from my old key it still wount fire.

So the question, is the IMM still 100% while running a p28 ECU?
is the engine cranking? if so check for spark, if you are getting spark then your fuel pump is still on the immobilizer circuit and it has to be jumped and hooked up to an acc position on the key switch or somewhere else that has 12v acc voltage.
if the car doesn't crank at all then I have no idea. I hate immo
Its not that problem.
The car is running fine with the orginal EK4 key.

After searching a lot i was able to find some info that the IMM circuit is layered, so its the part thats located in the ECU cutting fuel and spark?? is removed by the p28. (please correct me if im wrong)

But apperently the other part of the layer still cuts of the starter?

Can anyone confirm this?

Also, how can i buypass this?
Since from what i know, i cant add the whole IMM ecu part on the p28
I don't know how to bypass imm, sorry, if the car works with the 1 key, then you should be ok, get new keys at the dealer and have them programmed to your car.