Impreza 2.5 RS Turbo kit

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Im thinking about buying a 2.5 RS sedan because im broke. a brand new 2005 2.5 RS is going for about 20,000, so what i wanted to know is, is there any manufactures out there that make a NA-Turbo Swap for it. like how they have turbo kit for a NA supra, im looking to do about the same thing for a 2.5 RS sedan, so if anyone know any sites can you please help me out and point me towards the direction.
I always liked the '99 ish body style 2.5RS. In fact, when the Civic goes, if I sell the truck, that car might be a viable option.

That with a '03 STi swap under the hood would be a BEAST.


It's not exactly easy. While the kit is easy enough to install, you can only run a few pounds of boost on that weak-ass bottom end.

You're better off trying to find an EJ20 out of a WRX and swapping that in.