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at 6:30pm last night [February 2nd, 2003]... my friend Jason "Flex" Allen took his own life. :(

Jason earned a living as a professional model, dancer on Soul Train, as well as taking a full load of classes in college... He earned the nickname Flex from none other than the new host of Soul Train, Shemar Moore. I remember when Jason used to tell the stories of how Shemar would always ask him how he got his abs so well defined. Jason, always had a healthy smile on his face, letting everyone know that he was happy. why he did it? i don't know. Jason was the middle child of three boys. Jeff being the oldest and Justin being the youngest are both very distraght at the loss of their brother. Any prayers or thoughts would be appreciated.

We'll all miss you Jason
Originally posted by SolReaver@Feb 3 2003, 01:16 PM

i think that about sums it up.

I know what it's like man - i've lost a few friends over the years as well. my thoughts go out to you and his family/friends
i lost a good friend last year in march from drunk driving... i understand the loss and feel for ya mang :(
It's never easy to have a friend take his/her own life. I feel for you. My freshman year in college one of my two roommates took his life. I am sorry to hear it.
:( fuck man, i always hate to hear that shit. it's weird how when you hear about somebody you never even knew that dies, it fucks you up. that kinda shit hits hard, wether it's somebody close to you, or somebody you never even knew, it just reminds you that death is never too far away and that it can and will happen to everybody. good luck gettin' though this man.
I'm really sorry to hear that man. I've lost quite a few friends of mine so i know how you feel. Condolences to you and Jason's family.
Dude, shit like this happens, believe me i know what you're going through as well as the family of the deceased. just remember that everyone is their own person and no matter what you could or couldn't have done, it's not your fault and above ALL don NOT start doing destructive things in his name such as drinking to him and such, it's a slippery slope. Life happens one day at a time.
Man, im soo sorry about what happened. I know exactly how you feel if not worse, My grandfather took his own life a few months ago over the loss of my grandmother. Im truly sorry, hang in there. You and everyone involved will be in my prayers.
so sorry about your friend. i pray he is now at peace and that you and those close to him find comfort and be grateful for the life he was able to share with you all.

Sorry about the lose of a good freind.I cant imagine the pain you are going threw.You and the family will be in my prayers.Was he recently in some a model?
sorry man...i know what its bro died in a car crash......I hate when shit like this happens....even if u dont know the person....u never know...the next day something great could have happend for him.......Any ways...good luck..wish his family well....ttyl