FL In need of a 90-91 PM6 ECU and a A6 Dizzy

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New Member
Must be in good working order!

I'm in the middle of my DPFI to MPFI swap and I need these parts to finish it.

PM6 ECU must be 90-91
whats different about 88-89 and the 90-91 pm6 ive got a 88 and i might still have the distributor to i think i put it on my civic and im gonna part out the motor putting in a a6 z6 minime
i just saw one on ebay for 60 shipped so 50.00 shipped that will cover the pp fees and all but i need to ck if it is the pm6 from my old si
The 88-89 ecu cant be chipped thats pretty much the main difference,