Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 vs 60.5cs


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I am trying to decide which components to get. Infinity kappa 6.1 perfect, or Infinity kappa 60.5cs. I have read several reviews and they are really mixed. Some say the perfect system is worth every penny, some say the 60.5cs system sounds much better. One commun complaint with the perfect system is that the tweeters sound metallic. Any experience or information?

One more question. Where is the best place to mount the tweeters? Cut a hole in the door panel?


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any of the Infinity components are nice. i had some powered reference ones in my last car and they were nice. like highs gave me headaces nice

for a little bit of money i would definately look into some of the lower level Focal componnents. the PolyGlass are a pretty good deal. they are a little pricy, but the make the clearest stuff you can buy.


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I have done multiple perfect installs and they are by far the best sounding speakers for the money. For the tweeter install do not drill a hole till you see how it sounds in the place your going to put it because they can sometimes overpower the sound. I always either 2 side tape or some way to get the speakers to stay in place to get a sound from them and test the sound before drilling holes to make sure it will give me the sound im looking for.