Initial D The Movie

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As many of you know, there is an Initial Live Action Movie. I downloaded it and was hoping to enjoy, but DAMN ITS IN SPANISH or something!! So I re-downloaded another version. This had an .srt file with it and i googled it and it was the subtitles. However, when I play the movie, there are no subs.

How do I get it to play with subs in wmp? I have only divx and wmp10 installed. What else do I need?
well the version i have the subtitles only work in windows media player.

tried divx, winamp, and a couple others.

fyi- they are fansubbed and the worst subtitles ever.
last hour of the movie the subtitles make absolutely no sense. you have to think abotu everything in context to figure out what they mean some of the time.
i figured it out guys. thanks anyways. i just hate changing media players and stuff. i guess thats why im a m$ whore when i know i shouldnt be.

anyway, i downloaded VOBSUB 2.23 and it loaded the .srt file auto when the movie player.

thanks again.


Yup, you should alway get VobSub. It works wonders with anime. :)

BS Player >>>> M$. I just haven't tried to integrate it into my browser yet.