Initial D

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well i have had a million people tell me to check out Initial D, i kept checking suncoast and i dont think they know anything about whats going on... i finally got my cable internet and DL an episode. IM HOOKED! that was just yesterday and come today i have around 20 episodes on my computer and havent had time to watch any of them lol. if anybody hasnt seen Initial D... well, YOU SHOULD! :)
that is why i said something after you posted the rwd drift thing.. im not much for cartoons but its the shit.
Initial D is pretty tight. I have the First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, Extra Stage and the Battle Scenes on dvd after downloading all of them. I recommend anyone who is into drifting to check it out.
They also made this arcade called Initial D. For like $2 you get this memory card printed out that has your car saved on it with your data. and the more races you win the more $ you get so you can upgrade your car. I think it's stupid.
initial d the arcade game is possibly the most addictive arcade game...EVER!!! the game is more realistic than any other racing game out guys should seriously check it out.
nah i know where 2 are sitting here in town doing nothing right this minute :)
btw... you said slow, ill show you a video of 2 hachi rokus beating the pants of an r34 :P
are they gts or sr5?

and i am assuming the videos u are gonna show me are of cars that are built from the ground up by tuners. i would be interested in seeing it tho, if u have the link. it would give alot of my frnds some ego boosting -P

however, the average 86 will be slow. base 140 HP if its a gts (the 140 is over-rated btw its more like 130). $14,000 toyota forumal atlantic motors can only get 200crank hp.

dont get me wrong they are cool/fun cars, i had one, was sorry to see it go. but i still stand by the slow, old and PITA statement. :P
funny you say that... the two that beat the r34, one of them had 200 hp and the other had 165 :) i got the video from kazaa though, search for best motoring, its 2 corollas and a skyline (thats what the video was called)
Initial D is the shit, I had to stop watching it I got up to #27, but my buddy is missing a few after that so I had to quit, and I don't even wanna try to find them on Kazza. But it is hella sweet.