Injector Size And Turbo Size?

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slow hatch

Junior Member
what injector size can i go with when i turbo my b18c1, go for the street and strip, some thing that can make me horse power and still drive it in the street. so what size can i go with. please let me hear your guys opinion on this. i'm new with turbo's also witch turbo to go with. is bigger better or not. how about T3/T4 or T3/T6 or which other turbo is better. remember i need a lot or horse Please respone


it all depends how big you want to go.

what is your time goal? or what is your horsepower goal? how much money do you have to spend?
injector size has to do with how big of a turbo you run, and how much horse you run.

this info on injectors should boggle your mind for a little bit....