instalation.....URGENT..... help

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learning in progress
so i bought the vrx935vd in-dash dvd player.....

.everything works (audio and the tuner)....but i cant see the dvd i can only hear it.....the display said "adio only"....

so i went to a car install place and they told me i need to bypass the parking break feature in order to see the movie.......and to give them $60

i see on the harness a bright green wire which is the "parking brake lead" on page 72 of the manual it says this
connect the (1)black wire from the "parking brake lamp" to the(2)"parking brake signal lead"(on the brake lever) and (3) the bright green parking brake lead" toghether
here is a link
here is the page
*******go to the bottom of pg 72*****

i would like to bypass this so i could watch at any time.....please help.....


learning in progress

all it needed was a gound to the "parking break lead........ohhh yeah dvd in the car.....thanks