Insterment Cluster Problem

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I just put in Indigo faces in my Civic 92 HB. They look nice and work well but all my gauges are off. I put then back on they way they came off. What i did then was plug it in and set all the gages to 0 except my Gas. However my speedometer doesn't work now it jumps up to like 20 -40 and stayes there. I did notice that the gauge faces did not have a needle to stop my pointer from going backwards could this be part of the problem? I'm lost someone help?

did you take the needlles off when u put the gauges on?
are your needles painted?
the gauges are very sensitive and when u put on the new face's u should not
touch the needles as much as possible or take them off
if u want to change the color of your needles then use a felt tip marker and not
paint, as the weight of the paint will throw off the reading
as for your problem right now, u might have really screw the gauges up, so u might
have to find a cluster at the reckers


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I had to take the needles off to put the faces on. I tried to put them back at 0 all of them work correct now except for my spedo. It still jumps to 20-40 then stayes there.


Ohhh I did not paint the needles
u should have left the needles on and worked the gauge faces inner cut out hole around the needle, but don't feel bad you r not the first person to do this
any way u say there is no small needle to stop the speedo fron dropping, did u remove it or did the cluster not have one?
if it did and u removed it then try this trick
1. take off the needle [carefully]
2.start the car and let idle
3 put the needle on at 0mph [carefully]
4 test drive car
tell me if this works


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I figured it out. I pushed the needle down 2 far and it was sticking on the gauge face. The otheres were just off by 1/4" so I moved them. I did this by filling up on gas and placing that one at the top, and when my engine was cold i placed the temp one. Thanks
sounds like you found the problem yourself but if i helped you look in the right direction then you are welcome.