Intake And Exhaust On 92 Cx Hb

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Junior Member
I recently acquired a cold air intake for a 92 DX,
I am wondering if it will do anything for a CX?
It cant hurt it, right?


I wanna be sedated
Aren't the throttle bodies different sizes?I know they are between some models like the VX and Si.


Senior Member
the throttle body IS a differnt size but it it will fit its not that huge of a size Diff...anyways why waste ur money on performance ports on a Cx?..if your low burget at leats slap a z6 or y8 head on there its a bit more then the cold air u already put but its way more cost efective..or just pull the stock cx motor out because the throttle body and the intake runners on that manifold are so small they make me want to cry.....


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like i said...
'i recently acquired...'
i didnt spend a dime on it.
and i am planning on a mini me to get me thru til a swap is in order.