Intake Manifold Sensor?

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West West Yall
I got talking to this guy that builds engines and he said on the intake manifold there is some sort of sensor that should get cleaned or replaced every once in a while. Is this bull?

I think its the MAP but I can't remeber what he said.

Never heard that before. Sensors do wear down, but I never heard anything about the intake manifold sensor wearing down faster. I dont know what to say about cleaning a sensor, never done it. When you talk to people about cars you will find out they know EVERYTHING about them, dont always take them so seriously.
If your not getting codes then most of the time your fine, but right now im running rich and I dont have any codes being thrown.:confused:


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sleeper are you familiar with CHROME?

like as in the shiney stuff on bumpers?.. or perhaps you mean crome

regardless, what does it have to do with this thread?

and yes perhaps he is referring to the IACV, as in idle air control valve, or eacv, electronic air control valve. and really there is no need to mess with one unless you're having idle issues, and certainly no need to replace it until you rule out all other reasons for your idle problem. iacv seal, vaccum leaks, or fitv (if applicable).


West West Yall
Thank you.

In that case, once in a while what you're at a stop light the rpm won't drop down to idle.

But thats only happened twice out of like 200 stops.