Integra Engine

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i am puting a integra ls engine into my civic hatch soon, and i was wondering how much is a good price?? and also what should i do first?? i have exhaust and a short ram intake.
I think that pissedoffsol said he paid $1200 for his LS swap. That sounds like a reasonable price to me.

What do you plan to do with the car? Racing? If so what kind? Do you want to run NA or forced induction? How much do you want to spend.
If you aren't sure about the engine tuning path that you want to take, start with the suspension.

How much do you want to spend on this project?
i dnt wanna spend to much, but i dnt mind spending alot if its not all on one thing, i would be able to set aside at least 200 dollars a month for mods, so if i save it up then i guess i could go big, might take while tho,
for suspension what should i get?? something that is fair priced and still a good quality ride
If you aren't serious into course racing go with Koni Yellow adjustable shocks and a good quality lowering spring. Something like Eibach or H&R. The Koni's will allow you to adjust the feel of the ride fairly easily.